Dr. Kuzi Hsue

Dr Kuzi Hsue

Dr. Chris Stryker

Dr. Chris Stryker“I had a good extraction and surgical background from dental school and a 1 year GPR but I was still looking for a course that could take my skills and knowledge to the next level, and this course really delivered. I’m a big believer that you can take all the classroom work you want but until you get hands on, over the shoulder reps, your growth will be limited. That’s exactly what you receive here, 2 days of intense ...surgery that helps you grow your extraction, grafting, implant, and overall surgical skills. And it was not just extractions, but learning how to removing teeth without a forcep, atraumatically, 5 and 4 wall socket grafting, grafting with titanium cytoplast, pro fix screws, and pins. They really try and match your skill set coming in with the cases that they have. Whether you have extracted 5 teeth just coming out of dental school or you have extracted 100’s and have done other grafting and implant procedures like myself you can get ALOT out of this course, I highly recommend and would take this course again, I hope Dr. Rasner comes out with other courses in the future!” Read more

Dr. William Mayhan

Dr. William Mayhan“Cases were chosen with less than perfect circumstances to provide opportunities to troubleshoot.”

Dr. Ron Hsin

Dr. Ron Hsin“The course was very catered to each doctor’s goals. My cases were very much what I was looking for, and I could tell that other doctor’s were performing completely different cases that were meeting their goals.”

Dr. Justin Neibauer

Dr. Justin Neibauer

Drs. Morgan Eiden and Kari Welniak

Drs. Morgan Eiden and Kari Welniak

Dr. Tom Malatesta

Dr. Tom Malatesta

Dr. Joe Venneri

Dr. Joe Venneri “This is the third time I have taken this class, and it is never the same. I’ve had 3 completely different experiences.”

Dr. Pete Morse

Dr. Pete Morse“I really enjoyed the opportunity to get hands on work on many different real life cases with Dr. Rasner’s guidance. Very helpful to see his sedation technique first hand.”

Dr. Rob Hales

Dr. Rob Hales“I've been trying to find a hands on oral surgery course for a while. After many failed attempts at taking CE courses that were just trying to sell their product and not so much focus on learning, Dr. Rasner's course was just what I was looking for. A lot of surgery and education packed into such a short amount of time. It was the perfect course to get me to be comfortable to extract any tooth.”

Dr. Arbina Nayeem

Dr. Arbina Nayeem

Dr. Ken Eye

Dr. Ken Eye“Dr. Steve Rasner's course gave me the surgical confidence to tackle the extraction cases I used to refer. His approach is simple, fast and effortless.”

Rasner Institute Testimonials Video

Dr. Cooper Mitchell

Dr Cooper Mitchell“Exceptional hands on experience with advanced surgical, grafting, and implant procedures and techniques. Thank you!”

Dr. Andrew Galante

Dr Andrew Galante

Dr. Chris Wright

Dr Chris Wright“I never expected to gain this type of experience with live implant training so close to home in NJ. Dr. Rasner has an excellent program with an abundance of scenarios that we tackled in just a two day course. This is a must-see program for a dentist interested in improving their skills in implant dentistry.”

Dr. Jesse Murphy

Dr Jesse Murphy “I cannot say enough about the Rasner Institute and their implant/ surgical courses. First class experience and truly unique experience for dentists to improve their implant and surgery skills. I’d recommend their courses to anyone.”

Dr. Norman Marks

Richmond Dental Society, Chairman of CE

Dr Norman Marks“After 32 years as CE Chairman, I cannot think of another speaker who engaged the audience with such fervor and generated enormous enthusiasm after the program. He made me look like a hero.”

Valerie Bartoli

Valerie Bartoli“Dr. Rasner’s hands-on oral surgery courses has been offered by the Washington Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) three years in a row not only for Dr. Rasner’s first class attention to every detail but the one on one experience he gives to our general dentists for “Use on Monday” skills and techniques have been received as invaluable by our attendees.”

Dr. Mason B. Yeary

Dr. Mason B. Yeary“Dr. Steven Rasner offers real world solutions to real world problems.”

Dr. Daniel Passidomo

Dr. Daniel Passidomo“He has inspired me to achieve my potential.”

Dr. Zane Osborne

Dr Zane Osborne“I came with great expectations and was not disappointed!”

Dr. James Butler

Dr James Butler“Our entire profession could use a passion transfusion from Steve.”

Dr. Jeffrey Bennett

Dr Jeffrey Bennett“Thanks for the ‘kick in the pants’ to do the things I know I should have done long ago.”

Dr. Rick Parma

Dr Rick Parma“Inspiring, motivational and informative, Dr. Rasner creates a life changing experience.”

Dr. Zach Pederson

Dr. Zach Pederson

Dr. Roger Parkes


Dr Roger Parkes“Even a week after Dr. Rasner spoke to over 400 attendees at our convention complex, I am hearing how he impacted participant’s lives in just a few hours. Very positive and worthwhile. We have received referrals from doctors who never referred to us before on the basis of the meeting. All in all, humorous, poignant and powerful. You cannot go wrong with Steven Rasner.”

Dr. Doug Campbell


Dr Doug Campbell“Thank you for an outstanding day! We had fun, enjoyed your videos, laughed frequently, and learned a lot!”

Dr. Yalda Rostamnezhad

Dr. Yalda Rostamnezhad

Dr. Bob Spennato

Dr Bob Spennato

Dr. Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow


Dr Jennifer Hirsch Doobrow“Dr. Rasner is the most inspirational and passionate speaker I have ever met. He made a lasting impression on our dental community and his presentation was one of the most uniquely satisfying we have ever seen.”

Kobus and Danita Steyn and the United Dental team

Kobus and Danita Steyn and the United Dental team“Dr. Rasner came highly recommended as a speaker. He not only lived up to his reputation as an amazing man, but he blew us all away with the content of his talk. He has a wonderful ability to mix science with what really matters in life. Attendees left feeling they were touched to their deepest core and learned so much! Thank you, Dr. Rasner, for a life changing experience. You totally rock!”

Rasner Institute Testimonials Video