6 Steps Back to Fee For Service

Dr. Rasner maps out – in use it on Monday detail – his six-point strategy to reach an extraordinary income while maintaining a reputation as a respected dentist that everyone wants to see. As a full time practicing clinician, he lives in your world. He’ll share not just what he’s done right, but what he’s done wrong. After 41 years as a full-time practicing clinician, he remains “all in” on the best and only way to maintain an independent practice that enables you to reach incredible potential.

In this session he covers:

  • The triad of clinical skills necessary for a meteoric road back from the toxic insurance practice.
  • The best case acceptance blueprint in the industry. Bar none.
  • Where to invest your marketing dollars. And where to avoid.
  • Why you should quit wasting your time using formulated financial rewards as a motivator for your team. (With 16 staff members with me over 16 years, I know what works.)
  • Why your AR are too high, and the one airtight solution to getting paid up front and solving the cash flow issue.
  • Real world steps to rein in your out of control overhead.

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