Atraumatic Extractions for The GP

Practitioners who strive to maintain independence from the toxic tentacles of third party insurance must develop skill sets that motivate patients to go out of network to seek their care. This class is part of a series designed to enable the GP to do just that. This course will focus on atraumatic tooth removal.

Is it really possible to master in one day the surgical procedures you’re currently referring out. The answer is a resounding YES. This action-packed full day class, including a hands-on clinic, will provide a step by step blueprint for success at a wide array of surgical procedures. In his warm and witty way, Dr. Rasner will cover everything from pre-op patient preparation to scheduling to post-op instructions, all in a comfortable, question-inviting atmosphere.

This course has been carefully designed for maximum learning by integrating didactic, audio/visual aides, and attendee participation. In order to provide the most realistic learning experience, a worldwide search for the best models and methods of replicating procedures was conducted. You will leave ready to return to your practice, start providing these procedures, and keep more production in-house.

Expect to learn:

  • Safe patient selection and red flags
  • Antibiotic coverage
  • Oral sedation protocol
  • Atraumatic extraction techniques
  • Socket grafting
  • Review of angiogenesis
  • Connective tissue grafts
  • Introduction to surgical implants
  • Suturing: interrupted, continuous, horizontal & vertical mattress
  • Case presentation and fees
  • Powerful marketing techniques to complement these skills

During the Hands-On Clinic, each doctor will:

  • Demonstrate envelope, three and four corner, and split thickness flap designs
  • Remove teeth in a number of clinical scenarios, including teeth broken to the gingiva; teeth adjacent to “delicate” teeth (ie. anterior crowns); teeth in lingual version; and teeth in crowded dentition
  • Select and demonstrate proficient use of appropriate armamentarium (elevators, Physics Forceps vs. conventional) to remove sectioned teeth
  • Demonstrate the latest recommendations for materials, membranes and stabilization of grafts
  • Practice the four necessary suturing techniques

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