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What is a Lionhearted Dentist? A lionhearted dentist trained, in school and afterward, to provide top quality care. They possess the courage to provide their patients with the best care for them, and won’t compromise and allow that care - or their fees - to be dictated by an insurance company.

Who is Dr. Steve Rasner? Dr. Rasner is a practicing dentist, and has been for 40 years. He lives in your world. Despite practicing in a long-depressed area, Dr. Rasner built one of the top-grossing offices in the country. Dr. Rasner teaches both surgical and practice management classes for groups throughout the country, and holds live patient courses in his office.

In his Lionhearted Dentists podcast, Dr. Rasner shares, in a very casual kitchen-table style, the principles on which he built his success. Find it wherever you get your podcasts, or watch it on YouTube.

Goal Setting - Now is the Time

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner no. 158
Without clear goals, it is difficult to have a direction in your growth as a professional and as a person. Separate what you want to accomplish into short and long term and make sure your priorities are in order.

Planning for success in 2022

Welcome to season 4 of Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner. This is episode no. 157. We are just a handful of weeks away from 2022, and it's a great time to think about what we can improve. Today, Dr. Rasner discusses the need to be thorough at all times in order to serve the patient’s best interest. Not just the doctor, the team has to be on he same page, too.

Power Marketing

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner no. 156. Strategize your marketing in a way that makes sense to your desired customer base in your particular area. There is no universal formula when it comes to people.

The art of delegating - enjoy more by doing less

Dr. Rasner encourages you to take the time to teach your staff in order to build a cohesive team. You and your office should interact with and treat your patients as a unit.

An easy technique for achieving correct horizontal plane. And the reward for vigilant leadership.

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Raser no. 154. Dr. Rasner shares his tips for the challenging task of achieving the correct horizontal plane. He also talks about the work involved in leading the practice, and the rewards that follow.

What to do when on days when you're not feeling it

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner no. 153. How do you approach a difficult patient? How do you find motivation when things are stressful?

Stuff you think about and you aren't sure what to do about

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner no. 152. Are you offering the treatment you really believe in? Are you saying what you need to say when you have a sit-down with a staffer you’re tempted to fire? Does the amount of time since their last raise have any relationship to when a staffer deserves a raise? This week we’re talking about stuff you think about and aren’t sure how to handle.

What to do with our teams

The team is what makes your office. It takes communication and understanding to maintain a positive work environment. Dr. Rasner discusses how to build and keep a cohesive team.

Answering listener questions

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner # 150
Answering listener questions

Six practice guides to a record-setting year, part 2

Episode 149. Dr. Rasner shows us where an investment of time and energy in our teams will come back to us. He covers getting the day started on time, delegating wherever that makes sense, and building relationships with patients. He also delves into the importance of a large nucleus of patients, and why periodontal health needs to be a priority.

Six practice guides to a record-setting year

In part 1 of 2, Dr. Rasner shares tips to help you replicate his model and reach your practice goals.

Props for case presentation

Dr. Rasner responds to a listener’s question about using photos, and adds a few more ideas for case presentation tools.

The best and quickest way to turn around a bad week or month

We talked a few weeks ago about a bad week we had and why. Now let’s talk about how we bounced back and how you can, too.

Let's plan your 2022 CE right now!

Now is the time to get your calendar out and schedule your CE for 2022. What do you want to learn to help you build your practice? Dr. Rasner lays out some ideas and encourages you to get whatever you’re planning scheduled before you find yourself in next August.

Why are you still in network?

Dr. Rasner compares a few of his fees to what insurance pays, ending with the question - Why are you still in network?

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner

Every summer our business tanks. It doesn’t have to! We’ll talk about what should be happening in the spring to keep the summer moving.

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner

Why is case acceptance so difficult? We'll talk about this and more.

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner

Today's topic: the danger of doing nothing. Being complacent. Letting time go by. Don't look back at the end of your career and wonder where the time went.

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner

The devil is in the details. Dr. Rasner finds numerous places where this expression is relevant in dentistry.

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner

Are you ready to act now? It's time to meet with your team and get your ideas implemented. Every day I see great things happen in my office that are the result of discussion in a meeting. We'll wrap up with some thoughts on how the dental greats behave in a course, and the importance of not judging your book by its cover.

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner

In the pursuit of case acceptance, what are some new patient red flags and how should they be handled?

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner

Dr. Rasner revisits last week’s topic of the tipping point, and then goes on to detail the pieces of the puzzle that came together for one fantastic three-day work week that brought in over 130k.

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner

Follow the Lionhearted principles and push your practice to the tipping point of having enough work that you need to hire additional clinical staff. We'll also talk about some creative uses for soft tissue conditioner.

Lionhearted Dentists with Dr. Steve Rasner

We’re continuing to mix in a few clinical tips. This week we’ll talk about when you’re in over your head with an extraction and how to deal with a bleeder. Then we’re on to more of the Lionhearted principles and how to manage your schedule to maximize your personal energy.

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