The Bullet Proof Guide to Implant Success for the General Practitioner

Are you tired of having crowns that you placed six months ago break off at the gingival margin? Frustrated with the lower denture patient needing ten adjustments? Feeling guilty about mutilating a perfectly good tooth to place a bridge?

Many clinicians would like to place dental implants but are worried about how difficult they are to master. Placing implants is easy, technique friendly, and incredibly impactful to any dental office. Yet less than 1% of general practitioners are presently placing implants. Implants open up a wide array of treatment options that will elevate your overall care.

This presentation will cover different treatment modalities, the needed armamentarium, a step-by-step approach with both slides and video presentation, and the use of advanced models with periosteum or pig jaws for the hands-on portion. Attendees will leave having completed a critical first step to the blueprint required to pursue predictable and successful surgical and prosthetic implant dentistry.

Participants will learn:

  • Safe and predictable case selection
  • The patients you should avoid
  • Sterile technique and implant dentistry
  • Treatment planning for the mandibular overdenture
  • Instrumentation will make or break you
  • The necessary pharmacology and why
  • Incision, access, and suturing
  • Your first overdenture case
  • Your first single tooth implant
  • Screw vs. cement-retained prosthesis
  • Small diameter implants – are they worth it?
  • How to present the implant case
  • What to charge and how to get paid
  • A Continuing Education blueprint

During the Hands-On Clinic:

Each doctor, working with a pig jaw or advanced model, will:

  • Perform 2 or more atraumatic extractions followed by immediate implant placement
  • Prepare an envelope; three and four corner flap
  • Perform a socket graft
  • Place 3 to 4 implants in various clinical scenarios
  • Demonstrate continuous, horizontal and vertical mattress sutures

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