The New Graduate Blueprint for Bulletproof Success

The New Patient Experience: Today’s new dentist faces obstacles unlike any generation before. Corporate care chain dentistry; fewer fee for service practices; and the tsunami of managed care practices have made a traditional fee for service practice an epic challenge. The one area where the new dentist can easily distinguish themselves from the rest is during the new patient experience. Drawing from 41 years of learning what is important and what isn’t, this presentation will provide the recipe from the first phone call until they leave their first appointment.

The First Year Out:

  • Credit cards, car payments and debt.
  • Personal treatment planning your next 5 years.
  • Associateships: Do’s and don’ts

Clinical Training: A two-year course-by-course recommended residency and why.

The Art of Case Acceptance: Many of your talented classmates will face early burnout and a career of one tooth dentistry because they lack the most vital chairside skill: Getting patients to accept the care they need. This is how you do it.

The Art of Getting Paid: Another Achilles heel in a fledgling practice is the inability to get paid in full for services. It’s a known practice management parameter that if balances due aren’t collected in 90 days, there is only a 20% chance of ever collecting. This section is dedicated to the model for getting paid up front, and further, why that turns out to be the more prudent and ethical way to practice.

Marketing in 2022: Dentists unequivocally waste more money on broken marketing promises than any other part of their practice. We’ll highlight both the most powerful and low cost marketing designed in the past 18 months for the new dentist (or any dentist) with an emphasis on “word of mouth” referrals.

Leaving a Legacy: Bonding and giving back to the community may not be foremost on the new dentist’s mind. This section will show countless opportunities to unite your practice with the community, creating a legendary reputation where both patients and businesses want to be on board with your organization.

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